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Tribal Vibes

Transform Your Space Into a Conversation Starter

Elevate your home’s unique atmosphere, culminating in a space that exudes comfort and style.

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Stoneware Flat Dinner Plate | Edan 11.2"

Meet our Founder & Chief Curator, Sherita Janielle

Broken Jewels - 18" x 24"
Beige Velvet Textured Throw Pillow Cover
Beige Velvet Throw Pillow Cover
Large Amber Candle
Zebra Cut Velvet Throw Pillow

Make a statement on your sofa with a new throw pilliow look from our Minimalist. Tribal or Luxe Collections.


Cozy up in the couch with a throw tht will fit your home's vibe.

Table Top

The vases, bowls and other decorative accesories to turn your coffee table or shelf into a conversation starter.

Nora Vases
from $55.00
Circular Shapes Throw Pillow
Bubble Cube Candle
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Stoneware Pasta/Salad Plate | Edan 7.9"
Sold Out
Stoneware Flat Dinner Plate | Edan 11.2"