Minimalist Decorating with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year

Do you ever wonder how colors become trendy? Last year you may have seen hints of gray and yellow everywhere you looked, or in years past, maybe you just couldn’t help but notice the abundance of coral or emerald in every window display.  

The world of design welcomes change, which is why color experts at Pantone annually select a “Color of the Year,” that will be heavily incorporated into both fashion and design realms in the upcoming year.

For 2022, that color is Very Peri (officially PANTONE 17-3938 VERY PERI), a lively shade that, according to Pantone, marries a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone.” 2022 is a milestone year, as it is the first time a color has been custom created for the Pantone Color of the Year program—a significant move that symbolizes our global initiative to confront an unknown and changing future with creativity and bravery. While interior design colors tend to gravitate to hues of tranquil blues and greens, Very Peri seems to capture both the calming vibe of blue and the imaginative, passionate energy of purple. And because of its striking match with sleek furniture, clean lines, and browns and grays, this new purple hue is the perfect color to breathe life into a contemporary, minimalist home. 


Wondering how to incorporate Very Peri into your home this year? Look no further. Here are five ways you can use the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year in your design style: 

1). Play with paint.

What better way to change the look of your space than by painting a wall or ceiling? Very Peri makes a dramatic update to a single wall of a living room or office or a redo of an entire bathroom. 





2). Opt for an accent piece.

Not quite ready to commit to an entire wall? Consider purchasing an accent piece. A new sofa or chair in this dynamic shade can make a definite impression.



3). Consider linens.

New bed linens are a wonderful way to transform your space into something more current, and Very Peri is the perfect combination of both dreamy and dynamic. What better way to drift off to sleep than by surrounding yourself with a soothing color that inspires creativity?



4). Ponder pillows or cushions. 

If purchasing new furniture is a bit outside your budget right now, think about smaller ways to incorporate new trends into your home design. Updating sofa throw pillows, dining chair cushions, and/or other small accents such as florals, can pack a powerful punch in your quest to transform your space. 






5). Update art. 

Wall art is one of the most visually appealing ways to grab attention and define your style. Highlight your minimalist, contemporary style by incorporating Very Peri into modern art selections that capitalize on its vivid hues. 



No matter how you choose to introduce this vibrant purple hue into your home, you can expect it to make a definite impression. The possibilities are endless, just like the inspiration behind the color itself.

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