What is The Home Vibe?

The Home Vibe is a curated home decor marketplace offering unique items to create the vibe your home craves. Our mission is to transform your space into a conversation starter with chic and affordable pieces that highlight each home’s unique atmosphere, culminating in a space that exudes comfort and style.

Curated from many women-owned businesses, The Home Vibe supports emerging designers and brands. We understand that your home should match your style, so we hand-select items that will speak to your taste. And to take the guesswork out of decorating, we offer only a limited number of products in each collection.

We understand that your vibe may change, so we will be adding new collections and expanding to kitchen decor this fall. Stay tuned!

Sherita Janielle, Founder

Austin-based creative entrepreneur Sherita Janielle has had a passion for interior design and decor since she was nine. Sherita’s eye for visualization has always aided in her ability to create chic spaces, allowing her to help her mom design and decorate her childhood home and subsequent residences. Bold, abstract designs paired with sleek, minimal backdrops define her aesthetic. Each collection is inspired by her love of color, design, and travel.

Sherita is also the founder of the successful lifestyle website ModernWomanAgenda.com. She works as a TV host and regularly appears on New York Live and Studio 512. Sherita has many interests, but her second passions are food and wine. For an insider glimpse into her life, follow Sherita on Instagram at @sheritajanielle, where you can journey along on her travels and check out the latest fashion and design trends.