4 Tribal Style Decor Accents For Your Home

Want a more authentic interior style that reflects your appreciation for artisan workmanship and various cultures around the world? 

You might want to give the Tribal home decór style a go! Tribal interior design often invokes images of Africa, as well as colorful accents that are eclectic and charming.

In this Tribal style home decor guide, you will learn all about what a Tribal interior style really is, how to create one that feels authentic to you and affordable Tribal style decor accents you need in your home to get started.

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Start with accessories and decor accents

If you are not sure how or where to start, accessories are the stepping stones you need to get your inspiration going. 

Whether you choose to start with a Tribal style rug, throw pillows or even with just a candle, starting with just one small step will make a huge difference.

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Crafting your unique Tribal home decor style starts from identifying the accessories you are naturally drawn to. 

Doing this gives you a chance to create an authentic interior design you will love from the get go, as well as allowing you to have the opportunity to mix and match or move things around as you please over time.

You can slow transition into the Tribal style by going from room to room, or by starting from the various surfaces in your home. For example, you can start from your table tops, then couch and then eventually your walls and floors. Alternatively, you can slowly add these Tribal accents by starting with your bedroom, then living room and kitchen.

1.Oblong Textured Vase

Use the Oblong Texture Vase to display stems on your mantel or entryway table, pair it with the Round Textured Vase, this Tribal style vase is inspired by the sun-drenched Nicobar Islands. 

It’s the perfect starting point to testing out the Tribal style in your interior, as it also gives you a chance to see how well this Tribal accent complements your current interior style.

2. Handwoven Throw Blanket

This stylish, handwoven throw blanket is another great accent with a Tribal style design that is easy to mix and match with your furniture and your current home decor style. 

Lightweight, smooth and woven, this lightweight decorative throw blanket is perfect for your chair, sofa or bed.

3. Decorative Vegan Faux Leather Throw Pillow Cover

If you would like to add some Tribal elements to your pillows, you can easily do so with this Decorative Vegan Faux Leather Throw Pillow Cover. The unique patterns on this pillow cover gives any room in your home vibrancy and adds texture to your sofas, cushions and bed. 

4. Oakmoss + Amber Matte Black Soy Candle

Last but not least, this Oakmoss and Amber Candle in matte glass tumbler is an important addition to your home to complete the Tribal decór style. 

Featuring a single cotton wick, this soy candle invokes the image of taking a walk in the garden with its earthy, masculine scent of moss, sage, orange zest, and lavender. The black matte glass tumbler also makes this candle a great transitional decór accent that easily complements a minimalist or a Tribal interior style.

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